Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I didn't forget you!

I know you were getting worried it was going to be another year before I updated my blog alas I am still here! A lot of stuff has been happenin'! Mostly good stuff and that is what we are going to dwell on today!

First things first. I want to redeem myself from the previous kitchen photo. It was a little messy and well embarrassing! So here is a cleaner version of the kitchen.
You can at least see the counter tops in this one. I am so excited to redo this room but we are still working on the bathroom. Speaking of the bathroom I also have a little photo update on that room as well.
I know it doesn't look a whole lot different but it is! The walls have been smoothed and one coat of paint has been applied. We did purchase a vanity and trim but sadly had to return them. Once we had them in the bathroom I hated them. So we are once again on a vanity search. I thought I wanted white trim but once we put one of the pieces in the room I hated it. It was too similar to the floor and walls. A bonus to oak wood trim is that it matches the rest of the house. So it isn't a big deal just EXPENSIVE!!!

On to another room you haven't seen yet: Matthew's room!!!
He loves it! And so do we! It fits all of his toys! We are getting ready to paint his room green. Not my first choice, but Matthew insisted. Thanks to the Huff Family for donating the funds for the paint!
We have a new addition to the family! His name is Geo! Matthew and Geo have become best friends! They are so cute together!

Geo's favorite place to hide is under Matthew's bed. When we lay Matthew down for his nap or at night Geo whines and waits at his bedroom door.

We just purchased a new bed and I am in love with it. Here is a picture (excuse the mess, you are lucky the bed is made!).
In other news, we have been trying to potty train with no luck but yesterday we had this surprise!
That's right I am the mom that takes a photo of her boy's 1st poop! And as you can tell it was a family affair: mom, dad, Matthew and Geo (and camera!). We were so excited! It only took about 40 minutes of sitting on the toilet and reading books! I was hoping he would be ready this spring so we could have a diaper free summer. I just don't think he is ready. :( And I don't want to make it a huge deal. Yes, diapers are pricey and I would rather not have the expense but one day I will miss those days...or not...

My grandparents gave me this cabinet and I am so excited to refinish it and find a good spot for it in the house!
I also have a bit of exciting news! I am going on a mission trip this summer to Belize! I am beyond happy about this opportunity. I am going with Carrie Webb who was my maid of honor in my wedding. I am hoping it is a great experience for both of us! We are going with a mission called International Servants. We will be going to the Stann Creek District and helping in schools with young children. Pray I don't kidnap one! In order to help with the funds we are having a garage sale at our home June 17 & 18. If you would like to donate some items or come out and purchase some both would be greatly appreciated!

Guess what?!?!? Patrick graduated! We don't know what to do with ourselves not having to work around his school schedule...oh that's right...the bathroom! Some of our very bestest friends came to support and celebrate the pinning!

This is the most random post ever!
I have to go vanity searching!
Thanks for stopping in and catching up with the Kirbys!