Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bathroom Update & some randoms...

I wanted to post a better photo of the bathroom that reflected the actual colors for you. Photos taken in natural light are always better. :)

...another bathroom update. Matthew has been in big boy underwear since Sunday. He did wear a diaper to bed Sunday night but last night we had him sleep in his underwear and he woke up dry! Way to go Matthew! Mommy is so proud!

As I was going through some of my photos there were a few I thought I would share.

Only my husband would make this face before being baptized! Oh Patricia!

A photo of Aimee and I only because I know she reads my blog!
This is from her bachelorette party in Chicago.
My sister, Cynthia. She is so pretty.
My brother, Ben. This was taken on our trip to Minnesota. I loved that trip!
And a shot of all three of us.
I promise, I love my little sister Claire.
I just do not take pictures of her. I will have to change that.
Also from Minnesota, almost a year ago, playing hard!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Fun in the Sun (& at Ikea)!

Last weekend, two of my good friends and I went on a little shopping trip to Chicago! We had such a great time! Kim introduced us to the world of Ikea! That place is amazing and took way to much of my money! I think I made some really great purchases though! Here are a few shots of the three of us and some of the items I came home with!

Eating lunch at Ikea! It was delicious!

Kim and Brittany being very excited!

And an action shot!

We also had fun dining at Lou Malnati's (where I had the best salad of my life!).

...and for some of the items I came home with...
This is a photo of the display from Ikea. I am waiting for the kitchen remodel before I find the perfect place to put them but I fell deeply in love with them.
This was probably my favorite purchase. It goes on Matthews bed, obviously, however, I could see how you might think Patrick would enjoy it! It is perfect because Matthew and I have been arguing about the color his room is going to be. Yes, Matthew the 3-year-old that lives here! He wants it green and I want it blue. SO....I bought green paint and I am going to paint two of the walls green and the ceiling blue with white clouds! The inspiration room is on the Ikea website! I hope it turns out looking just as good as it does on their site.
...a plant... my very wonderful friend Brittany has me hooked on succulence. I love them. So I bought one from Ikea! I bought many more things but I hate uploading photos on here. It is really a pain and I wish there was an easier way to do it! If there were I would post a lot more!

On to more fun!
Matthew's Aunt Katie and cousin Jacob (you may remember them from here)
are back and we headed to the pool this time!
Doesn't she look awesome in a swimsuit...
someday I hope to look half as amazing as she does!

Yet another hottie in a swimsuit! AND Tucker!
and last but most certainly not least...
not a great photo.

And now I will leave you with more random snapshots...

An Update: on the bathroom
I'm sorry it is really bad lighting so the colors do not look great together. But hey, we have a toilet in there and that makes me happy! :)

Have a great week everyone!!!

P.S. Sorry for the poor photo quality. Most of the photos were taken on my phone.