Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matthew Corrigan's 4th Birthday

Sunday was a very special day for us! Not only did we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior but it was also Matthew's 4th birthday! Exactly one year ago on his 3rd birthday we closed on our home and everyone asked how we were going to top the gift of a home. It actually wasn't that hard once I realized his birthday fell on Easter. To be completely honest his birthday last year was a side note to the excitement we had for the new house. This is the only photo I have of Matthew from his 3rd birthday. bad mom.
 So this year I made up for the lack of birthday celebrating and took plenty of pictures!
When he first woke up he was greeted with this excitement on the dining room table.
The best part about this picture is the fact that all of the gifts came from Goodwill, garage sales, Dollar Tree or uber marked down at TJ Max or Target. He loved everything and could not stop thanking us for his birthday! Here is a close up of his Dollar Tree Easter basket. I think the total for the basket contents was a little under $12 and the basket was from a previous Easter. Score!

You may want to know what a 4-year-old eats on his Easter birthday. Cinnamon rolls of course!

Next it was time to get super clean for church. 
Unfortunately, Patrick was called into work about an hour before we left for church. :( However, church was wonderful! My dad and step mom joined Matthew and I. It was a great service with great music. It was wonderful having my dad and Barbie at church with us too. After church we headed to my Aunt Ann's. There is always way to much food, a CRAZY Easter egg hunt and this year we added presents and cake for Matthew. The egg hunt consists of 40 eggs/child in a huge yard with tons of trees and places to hide unseen eggs. We actually found a few eggs from last year, GROSS! Matthew was on cloud 9 the whole time.

We quickly left Aunt Ann's to head over to another Easter/birthday celebration at Grandpa & Grandma Swisher's. Everyone there had been patiently waiting for our arrival and Patrick was able to meet us there. We ate brownie's and ice cream and opened more presents. 

We ended the day with a homemade pepperoni pizza, especially for Matthew!
I can confidently say Matthew's 4th birthday far outdid his 3rd!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A few months ago I posted about the tree in our front yard that had a huge branch fall off of it. The city had to come out and remove the branch that was blocking the street and traffic at 6:30 am. 
Before (October 2011)

The city said they would be back this spring to plant a new tree for us! Since I was already taking photos outside I decided to snap a few more photos to show what we have been up to.
We have been cleaning up the north side of our house where the previous owner had already planted some beautiful plants, but since we were so busy last spring with stuff inside we let the weeds take over.
We also left an old fence lean against our house which caused mildew to grow up our siding. Yuck! We have been cleaning that up. It really isn't that hard we are just slow getting to it. 
Here are some photos of items we have collected in the backyard from the previous owner. I am actually quite excited about all of it. I cannot wait to start putting it all back, once I have figured out our landscaping. It will save a ton of money using the things that were already here.

I also took a photo of our house last October that wasn't the best lighting so here is a snapshot of our home in a little better lighting. I love it! 
October 2011
April 2012
I almost forgot about this awesome project! I grabbed this from the garage sale we had for the mission trip I took last summer. It was originally a wooden table with a glass top. I took the glass out, spray painted it white, put soil in it, planted some bulbs and I am excited for them to start blooming. I love it! I wish I had another one to place on the other side of our sitting area.
 And finally my sweet boy! He is going to be 4 years old on Sunday, Easter! It will also be a full year since we have had the keys to this blessing of a home. (do not mind the shop-vac in the back round...)

Sneak peak of another Krazy Kirby entry. Our dining room wall art! Have a great week!