Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 09, 2011 ~ A Date to Remember

My precious Matthew Corrigan is enjoying his first day of preschool as I type this! I can hardly believe it. I didn't think I would have a hard time letting go of him, but I did am. Of course, I didn't act like I was having a hard time in front of him. I don't even think I was having a hard time when I walked out of his classroom. It is when I sat down in my car, shut the door and thought "what am I going to do now?" I could go to the grocery store, but I love going to the grocery store with Matthew. I could go to Lowe's and purchase the threshold thingy's we need for our doorways, but Matthew loves Lowe's (he really does) and I don't want to go without him. Our home is so quiet. I did end up going to the grocery store and after realizing I forgot my grocery list I just wandered around Aldi until I was thoroughly bored. I know it will get easier, as a matter a fact I am babysitting on Friday when he goes again so I won't even have time to think about it, but for now I have a huge lump in my throat and all I want is my Matthew. I realized this morning while we were on our way to preschool this is the beginning of a new time in our lives. For the next 13 years, I will  drive him to school. I will gladly take that responsibility, but not without a little heart ache.

*UPDATE (a few hours later): I picked Matthew up and we treated ourselves to a healthy Burger King lunch. Then we went back to the grocery store, only to realize I once again left the list in the car. However, I walked down every toy aisle they had, and let Matthew touch every toy he asked to touch, all because I missed him so much and was so happy to have him back.

Dear Jesus, 
please protect your precious Matthew and watch over his mom too that she doesn't go crazy from missing him.

Yesterday I celebrated my 27th birthday. I have to admit, it was probably one of the best birthdays I have ever had. The day started at 6am with a phone call from my dad saying "Happy Birthday! I am on my way to drop of your card!" Luckily, I was already half awake. It was such a nice morning my dad and I were able to go on a walk around our neighborhood before much traffic was on the roads and anyone in my house was awake. Matthew and I then got ready for Bible Study Fellowship (BSF). We both had a wonderful day at BSF! I was teaching the childrens story and if I do say so myself I did a pretty awesome job (some weeks are hit or miss for me, and all the credit goes to God for my success!). My mom then took me on a little shopping trip for some much needed clothing items. I love new clothes, especially ones that make you look and feel good! Patrick and I took care of some things around the house. For dinner we headed off to the Frost's, where we enjoyed our time with not only the Frost's but Sara and Simon Anderson. They are really wonderful people. Patrick and I have had the privilege of getting to know them over the last year. We all had a great night of games and lots of laughter.  Thank you for all the birthday love!

We have done a little more on the house front, but for now I am going to enjoy the fact that little Matthew is asleep in his bed in our awesome home. I am so blessed!
Have a great week!