Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The last two weeks...

I  have some very exciting kitchen demo but a little bit of news before the kitchen update.
Matthew has been really sick for the last week. He has never been sick this long and it is really starting to take a toll on this momma. At first, I was enjoying staying home with my sick little boy. I loved being able to cuddle with him and wait on him but I am over it! I am tired of cancelling on people, wiping a VERY snotty nose, taking his temperature and seeing a number above 100, waking up numerous times throughout the night, and listening to a very pitiful, whinny little boy.

I hope we are over this soon and that Patrick and/or myself do not catch it.
Onto the kitchen.
In previous photos it looked like this.

The GROSS tile!

Removing the cabinet above the sink.

Removing tile!

 No more tile! I do not think it looks any worse than when the tile was up!
 The old adhesive, that held the tile up, smelled so bad I had to light a candle. GROSS!

 Removing the electric stove and getting ready to put in our gas stove we bought last May!
 Removing more tile...

 The lovely tile under the already horrible carpet we have in our kitchen. 

 Yay, for the new stove!

 We are going to need to figure something out about this little hiccup. We quickly learned we can only open our oven door halfway because it catches on the knob of the cabinet beside the stove. For now we have just taken the door off and are open to suggestions as to how to fix this little inconvenience. 

I cannot wait to install new counter tops, back splash and paint the kitchen cabinets. And then someday have new kitchen floors. For now I will just salivate over pinterest kitchens!
I hope you are having a great week!

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